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Thanks to you, we are all giving HOPE!

This past month, thanks to your generosity, The O'Neill Foundation of Hope has helped some wonderful individuals and families.

Together, we want to assist so many who are often forgotten in our communities.

To give HOPE, here are six stories to share:

Thomas – was in a serious car accident and been unable to work. The foundation helped with his rent as he now moves forward, looking to heal both physically and mentally.

Tamara - a single mother of an autistic child, she struggles to make ends meet and get the help her daughter needs. She had an old sofa from her grandmother and didn’t have a dining table and chairs, so they were eating on her floor. We purchased her family a new sofa and dining set.

Allison & David – a kind older couple on a limited income. David was recently diagnosed with three different forms of cancer. And their bed had springs that were poking through. We replaced the rear tires and wiper blades on their car. We also provided a box spring and new mattress.

Emily – with her mother’s death, a lost pregnancy, and her young son being injured and requiring surgery, she had to stop working to care for her son. Unfortunately, her husband also lost his job. We were able to help them with grocery gift cards, and her husband thankfully found a new job. We also made connections to provide financial guidance and are on the road to a debt free life.

Beth – a single mother who escaped an abusive relationship with her toddler’s father. She is living with family and looking for work. We found a couple of potential employment options that may work. The foundation also helped her with a significant gift card that went to gas, daycare, and new shoes for her little boy.

Julie – for a variety of reasons, she needs a storage unit. However, she was behind on payments and needed to remove some of her important items. The foundation helped catch her up and she is moving her things with the help of Love, Inc.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of anyone going through a difficult time at:

And as always, your kind donations are so appreciated and go so far to help those struggling.

Together, we can all make a difference and give HOPE!

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