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Thanks to YOU...Hope in Action

Thanks to your ongoing support, generosity, and nominations, some stories of HOPE to share this Sunday:


Michelle is the single mom of four sons. She now has a kitchen table where she and her family can have dinner. And she has a new couch where they can sit and spend time as a family. And even though her disabilities have made work difficult, she is striving to complete her AA and graduate degrees in social work.


Martina has epilepsy and recently fell, breaking a bone hear her leg. Unable to work at the same level, her friend nominated her for rental assistance and a new mattress. Thanks to you and your support, she too is now looking forward to the ability to pay it forward to others as well


Timothy is a single parent who has struggled with ongoing health issues. However, he is optimistic, hardworking, and committed to providing the best life for his daughter. Now with a new pair of shoes and socks, some groceries, an active cell phone, and some rental assistance, he has a little more confidence and increased Faith.  


Cat had a double mastectomy recently and is on work leave. Now with some gas and food gift cards, she can continue to focus most importantly on her health and getting better.


Though in a difficult situation through no fault of their own, Frank and his young son are grateful now to have electricity again.


Unable to work after a significant work injury (and having explored all state and local rental assistance options), Lisa is now so grateful for rental assistance.


Looking to get or give a family or someone additional HOPE this Summer? 


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