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Thanks to Your Generosity, Recent Families We Are Honored to Have Met and Helped

Over the past weeks, The O’Neill Foundation of Hope has been busy working to lift up and provide HOPE to those in our communities.

Thanks to your ongoing generosity, here are 12 wonderful families we have met and helped. And in the process, inspired us.

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- Jerry was recently diagnosed with cancer. Just after diagnosis, his E-bicycle stolen. This was his primary mode of transportation and gave him the joy necessary to try and stay positive. We bought him some comfortable shoes and pants to wear to appointments. We also bought him a new E-bike, so he can enjoy some independence and peace of mind.

- Having experienced a terrible apartment fire, we helped a young family with the security deposit on new apartment and provided a grocery gift card as well.

- Tanya’s husband passed recently and she is struggling to make ends meet. She was also injured in an accident and has had many surgeries. As a result, she has been unable to work. She had fallen behind on her mortgage payments and we paid the month she was behind, so she can focus on her recovery.

- Harold and his wife were the unfortunate victims of discrimination and racism in their current neighborhood. As elderly members of their community, moving is of course already difficult. We were able to arrange a large U-Haul to move them in one trip (and paid for the rental deposit in their new home.)

- Though seeing impaired, Lori has never let that or anything else hold her back. However, when her computer workstation went down, we know we needed to step up and help. She now has a new computer workstation to help her work and communicate most effectively with all.

- In spite of many past challenges, April did not give up hope. We helped her get her license and care insurance reinstated. Now she is looking for steady work and is excited to move onward and upward.

- A true champion and all-around class act, Andy now has a body tonal machine on the way to help build strength as he continues to recover from an accident. He is truly an inspiration to us all.

- Dianne is an elderly grandmother with dementia. She had fallen behind on her utility bills, resulting in her power company turning off her electricity. Her grandson reached out to us, and we were able to get her power turned back on.

- Amy is a selfless and giving member of the community who works as a para in her school district. Her young family is dealing with several severe medical issues, and they have been finding it difficult to make ends meet. We helped Amy and her family with gift cards to her favorite grocery store.

- Michele is on a limited income and suffered fraudulent activity on her bank account. She was unaware that she was falling behind on her HOA payments until the association threatened action. We were able to help her get caught up and avoid negative consequences from the association.

- Elaine is a grandmother (raising two of her grandsons) whose car was not safe to drive. We got her brakes replaced, so she can safely get the boys around and get to and from work. One of grandson’s mattresses was very old and uncomfortable. We’re grateful we could purchase him a new, comfortable bed.

- Megan is a survivor and thriver. Against all odds and having experienced a number of personal challenges, she is working to create her own new ride share company whose focus is on women and children and how to safely transport them in the metro area. The foundation paid her tabs for the year and got her insurance reinstated. The sky is the limit for her, and we can’t wait to see what she builds.

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